Miami-Dade Florida Tax Deed Sales

Florida State Statues Chapter 197 covers Tax Collections, Sales, and Liens. If you are interested in buying tax deeds from sales in Florida you should become familiar with this statue. It gives such valuable information as time lines leading to a property qualifying for sale and the whole procedure that leads to a property coming up for auction.

Miami-Dade County in Florida is advertising their latest Tax Deed Sales. One important reminder that if you are bidding on property in this county you are required to submit a $200 non-refundable deposit on the day of the sale. This $200 will be applied to the sale price at the time of full payment. I believe this deposit will cut down on the people intending to bid which will make the sale go in a more efficient manner. Below are the links for the properties going up for sale. The address for the Miami-Dade Courthouse is 140 West Flagler St Room 908 Miami, FL 33130

More info on Miami-Dade Tax Deed Sales

June 2015

18th 22 properties available

July 2015

2nd-25 properties

9th-24 properties

14th-23 properties

16th-27 properties

20th-1 property

21st-33 properties

23rd-28 properties

August 2015

3rd-1 property

12th-1 property

13th-1 property