West Virginia Tax Sales

West Virginia holds two types of tax sales. The first is a county lien sale where you basically buy a lien on the property and if the taxes and fees are not paid within 18 months of the sale the property is deeded to you. If the prloperty is redeemed by the owner before 18 months you are paid 12% interest (1% per month) and all fees you have invested.

The second type of sale is a deed sale which is property that did not sale at the county sale and didn’t receive any bids. This property is then sold to the state and is auctioned off to the public at a later date. The bidding for property starts at $1.00 in most cases. If the property is not sold at this auction you may be able to bid on it at any time by contacting the State Auditor.

All lists of property being sold can be researched and obtained by clicking on the following site West Virginia Tax Sales

County                                      Next Auction Date

Barbour County

Berkeley County                        7/30/2015  11:30 am

Boone County                            7/22/2015  9:00 am

Braxton County

Brooke County                           7/16/2015  9:30 am

Cabell County

Calhoun County

Clay County

Doddridge County

Fayette County                          08/10/2015 09:00 am

Gilmer County

Grant County

Greenbrier County                     08/13/2015  09:00 am

Hampshire County

Hancock County                         07/16/2015  12:30 pm

Hardy County

Harrison County

Jackson County                           07/23/2015  11:00 am

Jefferson County                         07/30/2015  09:30 am

Kanawha County

Lewis County

Lincoln County                            07/22/2015  11:30 am

Logan County                              07/21/2015  09:00 am

Marion County

Marshall County                         07/15/2015   2:30 pm

Mason County                             07/23/2015   09:00 am

McDowell County                       08/06/2015  09:00 am

Mercer County                            08/07/2015  09:00 am

Mineral County                           07/31/2015 09:00 am

Mingo County                             07/21/2015  1:00 pm

Monongalia County

Monroe County                           08/12/2015 11:00 am

Morgan County                           07/30/2015  2:00 pm

Nicholas County

Ohio County                               07/17/2015  09:00 am

Pendleton County

Pleasants County

Pocahontas County                  08/12/2015  2:00 pm

Preston County

Putnam County                          07/22/2015   2:30 pm

Raleigh County                          08/10/2015  1:00 pm

Randolph County                       07/29/2015  10:30 am

Ritchie County                            07/15/2015  9:00 am

Roane County                             07/24/2015  11:00 am

Summers County                        08/12/2015  09:00 am

Taylor County

Tucker County                            07/29/2015  12:00 pm

Tyler County                                07/15/2015  11:00 am

Upshur County                            07/29/2015  09:00 am

Wayne County

Webster County

Wetzel County                             07/15/2015   12:30 pm

Wirt County                                  07/24/2015  09:00 am

Wood County                               07/23/2015  1:30 pm

Wyoming County                         08/05/2015  1:00 pm

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